Victoria’s Voice, The Book that Could Save Your Child’s Life

On June 6, 2015, David and Jackie Siegel received the call that no parent should ever get. Their beautiful, vibrant, 18-year-old daughter Victoria had died of a drug overdose. The Siegels vowed to do whatever it takes to preventthis from happening to other parents.

Right after Victoria passed away, Jackie received a text from one of Victoria’s friends directing her to look in her bedroom nightstand for a secret diary she had kept—and suggesting they publish it. The Siegels decided to honor Victoria’s wish.

“Our daughter’s legacy is that her death will save thousands of other people’s lives”—that’s the commitment by her parents, David and Jackie Siegel, and their reason for publishing her diary—teen slang, bad language, and all.

Victoria’s diary, in her own hand and featuring her own art, is bookended by intros by her parents before it, and medical advice, tips, and resources following her diary. Victoria’s Voice is a gripping peek inside the mind of sometimes happy, healthy teen and other times a teen dramatically influenced by drugs and alcohol. This is Victoria’s Voice—from beyond the grave.

It could save your child’s life.



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