The Queen of Versailles Takes Parliament House

Documentary short film following Jacqueline Siegel (The Queen of Versailles) as she judges a beauty pageant at Orlando’s world famous Parliament House, a top gay entertainment destination in March 2015.

Queen of Versailles Jackie Siegel talks about Celebrity Wife Swap and more!

Recently we sat down with the Queen of Versailles herself, Jackie Siegel, to find out about her home-in-progress Versailles (which will be the biggest home in America) and what’s on the horizon. A more recent project making big news today debuts tonight. Jackie and her husband, Westgate Resort owner David Siegel, will both appear on Celebrity Wife Swap tonight at …

Jackie Siegel on Valley View Live!

Jackie Siegel of “Celebrity Wife Swap” was on Friday’s Valley View Live. Check her out above as she talks about her experience on the show.

David and Jackie Siegel at Mrs. America 2015

Join Florence Henderson and her daughter Barbera Chase, as they welcome David and Jackie Siegel to the stage, to address the ladies of Mrs. America 2015, at their Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino. Mr. and Mrs. Siegel have a special message to share with the contestants ,and the nation, about the epidemic of drug abuse in the United States …